Grzegorz Niemczuk - About me


Classical Music has been close to my heart and moved my soul from the very early age. Being a pianist makes me truly happy as it allows me to explore masterpieces of the greatest composers of all times. Every public performance is always something special for me. It allows sharing my interior with the audience by transmitting emotions contained in the musical works.

As Claude Debussy said: Music begins where words are powerless. Undoubtedly it expresses the feelings and emotions that most often cannot be expressed by means of words. That is why working on every single piece of music and trying to find the right interpretation is so magical and fascinating. One has to try to guess the emotions, moods, psychophysical states during the composer's creative process. One has to try to reach the level of inspiration that the composer had when he was creating his work. Obviously, this attempt to build the interpretation of the work based on this guess is subjective in its nature. But that is what makes this art so beautiful and attractive. Each artist interprets a work in a different way, giving his own vision of the composer's emotions. Here we touch another aspect of the performance on which I have been reflecting for a long time. Every person feels emotions differently – every person feels and experiences sadness, despair, joy, disappointment or love in a different way... The beauty of the interpreting musical works lies also in the fact that each artist shares with his listeners his own way of expressing the emotions that the composer transmits through music. Therefore, in the first place we must not be ashamed of our emotions, because only then we can get to the souls and hearts of listener, sharing with them everything that is inside us. It is fundamental in my artistic life. I play the piano to express the emotions included in the composer’s work as sincere as I can.

During my concerts I often try to make a short speech about the music I perform. I do this especially when performing for an audience that feels the need for more knowledge of what they hear. I really like to perform for the people who do not go to classical concerts too often, or even for those who claim not to be familiar with the classical music. These people listen with their hearts! I always say that you do not need to be familiar with or even to understand classical music to be able to love it, experience its magic, feel the touch of inspiration of the composer and finally to get moved or even inspired. That music is very diverse. Not only it is relaxing but it can also make us dance, sometimes encourage us to fight, to heroic deeds, awake love inside us, make us want to be better people or simply provide us with entertainment. That is why I often comment on my performances with a few sentences about the composer or the piece of music. Sometimes one only needs a little bit of knowledge on how to direct the receipt of the piece of music to feel it deeply and even understand it!

Performing masterpieces of the greatest geniuses involves huge responsibility. I feel it very strongly and I take it very seriously. Hence, I believe that there is no way to play the music of the composer, not knowing the literary texts that have shaped his personality, not knowing the details of his life and not trying in any way to delve into his psyche trying to guess what kind of man he really was. Often the composer's music is the only form of expression of his inner world that in normal life is inaccessible for outsiders.


Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm, 
and gaiety to life and to everything.