Listening to classical music

Reading books in a way is like a conversation with the author – listening to him and reacting to what he want to tell us. Classical music is very similar. Listening to the classical masterpiece is something like a conversation with its author: listening to the state of his soul in the moment when he was creating this music, listening to his mood. Listening to what he wants to tell us about life, about himself, about us, about his inside. At the same time our reaction to the music is in a way our words directed to the composer. Isn't it beautiful? It always so touching to me! That's why I think that if somebody wants put listening to classical music to the next level, it's worth it to think about what kind of emotions this music makes me feel, what exactly do I feel while listening? Why? Do I agree with that? What kind of my personal memories from my life this music brings to me? I don't think that you have to know anything about classical music to be able to feel that in your own way. And your own way will always be correct because it will be true and sincere. It's worth it to try and open your heart to the message which is hidden in the notes and tones. Thanks to this we can have a personal contact with Chopin,Beethoven,Schubert,Brahms and all the other greatest artsts of all times. For me it is the biggest miracle of the music!

Music is a moral law.
It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm, 
and gaiety to life and to everything.